Friday, May 19, 2017


I finally painted something this year!

Bandits, or peasant partisans, or village militia, etc. They're a mix of Zvezda peasants and Hat/Airfix Robin Hood figures with a few mods, as I first showed off back in August (ugh). They look pretty good as a group, but let's take a closer look.

Melee dudes. You can see that the Zvezda figures are similar in style but noticeably taller. My wife asked me one time if I ever tried painting non-Caucasian figures. I pointed out that most of my figures had green skin, but she had a point that all my humans so far were people of pallor, so I tried a darker skin tone on some of these.

The Lord of Loxley himself, plus a fiddler, converted from a sitting Imex pioneer figure with some legs pilfered from one of the Merry Men. I'm pretty pleased with how seamless it looks.

Ranged units. The Zvezda slinger and archer with the mondo longbow absolutely tower over their Airfix counterparts, alas.

I've got a few more post ideas lined up, plus the guards I started at the same time I started the bandit project to finish up. Stay tuned!


  1. Very nice minis, and I like your fiddler very much. The difference of size doesn't disturb me at all, as in real life.

    1. Thanks! I agree that the size difference isn't that big a deal at the table, but it's pretty noticeable when you compare them. I think Airfix and Zvezda are at polar extremes for what counts as "1/72."

    2. They look great.I´m quite happy to mix all makes so I´ll second Phil about the size difference.

  2. Size matters in many things but not in minis!, they look great and a small hight difference is no biggie in my book. Love the fiddler, very clean build.

  3. Great looking minis, love the archers...and the musician!